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One H International Symposium 2024

The International One H Symposium will bring together players in the animal, environmental and human health sectors for a comprehensive review of the transmission of infectious diseases from animals to humans using a “One Health” perspective.

This symposium, held in Saint-Brieuc from 12 to 14 June, will bring together scientists, private sector professionals and policy makers. It is organised by ANSES, the Labocea analysis laboratory, the Innozh Technocentre and the Saint-Brieuc Exhibition and Conference Centre. Participants in the event will discuss the main challenges posed when using a “One Health” approach to the fight against infectious diseases. The questions examined will fall into five categories: 

  • The influence of changes due to climate, biodiversity and habitat destruction,
  • The new tools available or needed to face the challenges of One Health, with examples of the collection, management and analysis of data,
  • Examples of successful application of the "One Health" concept,
  • Improvements in cross-cutting surveillance in the animal, human and environmental health sectors,
  • Risk perception, communication and transdisciplinary management, with contributions from the human and social sciences.