Reference Coordination (UCR) unit (Angers site) of the Plant Health Laboratory

Head of Unit: Géraldine Anthoine

Deputy Head of Unit: Mathieu Rolland

7, rue Jean Dixméras 49044 ANGERS CEDEX 01

Email: methode.lsv@anses.fr

The Reference Coordination (UCR) unit is responsible for the harmonisation, optimisation and evaluation of diagnostic or “analytical” methods. The unit's expertise enables it to play a leading role in international collaborative projects and in public-private partnerships.

The unit also manages the organisation of the regulatory analyses carried out by the Plant Health Laboratory's thematic and technical units.

By doing so, it ensures the quality and reliability of these analyses. 

Lastly, it provides support for assessments based on activity indicators, for staff training in approved laboratories, and for transfers of responsibilities; it coordinates quality management in the LSV's various thematic and technical units.