RNV3P: the National Network for the Monitoring and Prevention of Occupational Diseases

What is the rnv3p?

The National Network for the Monitoring and Prevention of Occupational Diseases (rnv3p) is a network of occupational health professionals grouping together the 30 Occupational disease consultation centres (CCPP) (PDF) in mainland France and a number of occupational health services (SSTs) associated with the network. This network’s goal is to record the data from consultations in a national database (patient demographics data, diseases, exposures, job sectors and professions). After investigation, the expert physicians from the CCPPs establish a possible link between the occupational exposure(s) and the pathology which motivated the consultation (this causal link is recorded in the data base).

The rnv3p is not only a platform for dialogue between clinicians and other occupational health professionals, it is also a production system that coordinates knowledge for the purposes of monitoring, improving knowledge and preventing occupational risks.

ANSES has been the network operator since July 2010. As such, its mission is to coordinate all activities associated with the rnv3p and participate in related scientific work in partnership with the State Health Insurance Fund for Salaried Workers (CNAM-TS), the Central Health and Social Security Insurance Fund for Agricultural Employees (CCMSA), the Social Security Scheme for Self-employed Workers (RSI), Santé publique France and the French Occupational Medicine Society (SFMT).

What does the rnv3p do?

The rnv3p’s main aims are to:

  • improve and harmonise practices to diagnose diseases related to work and the environment;
  • identify emerging and re-emerging risks in occupational health;
  • identify and describe risk-generating occupational situations in France, and work on their prevention. 

The rnv3p also aims to:

  • promote dialogue between clinicians and other occupational health professionals;
  • help define first-priority regional and national French initiatives; 
  • guide choices in terms of risk assessment and prevention, and stimulate research.

Organisation of the network, bodies and working groups

To reach its objectives and ensure that the network runs smoothly, different bodies have been set up, including a Steering Committee and a Scientific Board. A project team within the MAV (ANSES’s Health Monitoring and Alerts Unit) coordinates and provides support to the network partners, as well as to working groups, each corresponding to a specific topic (emerging risks, methodology and data exploitation strategy, occupational health services, etc.). They all participate in in-depth investigation of the scientific issues raised by the network’s actions.