Salon de l'agriculture 2024
08/02/2024 2 min

ANSES at the 2024 Paris Agricultural Show!

Health and our changing ecosystems

The combined effects of climate disruption and human activities have created disturbances in the Earth’s ecosystems that are impacting the health of living organisms. Allergenic plants, mosquitoes and ticks have been spreading across France, affecting human and animal health. In forests, gardens and crops, plant pests and other harmful organisms are acclimatising rapidly. This year on the ANSES stand, we invite you to come take a closer look at these invasive species, so you can recognise them and protect yourself. Our programme for this year includes observation of living organisms, games and discussions with our scientists. And in a nod to this year's Olympic Games, ANSES will also provide an opportunity to learn while moving your body.

Science in action!

On the ANSES stand, you will have several activities to choose from to help you understand these new threats and take doable actions to protect human health, plants and our natural environment.

  • Who am I? A pathogen-carrying insect, an invasive plant, a plant pest? This game will teach you to recognise invasive species that can take hold in gardens, forests and fields.
  • The observatory: In our mini-laboratory, ticks, mosquitoes, ragweed and giant hogweed will no longer hold any secrets for you. You’ll also discover the characteristics of certain species that are beneficial to plant health and which are used in biological control.
  • Action! Climate change is real, so get ready to learn what you can do to make a difference. Find out how to protect yourself from insect bites, what you can do to counter invasive plants, and how you can get more exercise and banish sedentary behaviour. We’ve got activities to warm up your muscles and your brain, so bring your family and friends!
  • In our Place des changements (“A place for changes”) area, you can come talk with our scientists, and listen to them talk about current health challenges in the fields of agriculture, food, the environment, wildlife and biodiversity.
  • Job opportunities space: If you are interested in working at ANSES as a scientist, researcher or expert, this area is for you! Meet and talk with our staff to find out about careers and job opportunities at ANSES. If you are a student, come tell us about your thesis topic or your educational projects. 

Research, surveillance, expert assessment: our work helps anticipate and fight emerging risks to protect health comprehensively in a changing world. Discover all of our activities and recommendations in a special edition entitled “Invasive species and diseases that acclimatise” (in French)

Visit us here: Hall 4, Aisle B, Stand 116.