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Zootopique: Season 2 of our podcast now available (in French)

In 2021 ANSES created Zootopique, the anticipation podcast that looks at the links between human and animal health. Season 2 of Zootopique, available now, reminds us that both now and in the future, animal health is our health too. The flu, global warming, antibiotics and fish are the topics that will be addressed in these four new episodes. Episode 1 is available now (in French).

What would our future look like if we didn't care about animal health? Would duck confits and foie gras disappear from the traditional French Christmas dinner table? Could a new pandemic emerge from an industrial mega-abattoir? Would our children have to spend their holidays in lockdown to protect them from out-of-control microbes?

Realistic futures or improbable dystopias? Find out by listening to interviews with experts from ANSES and other organisations who share their expert knowledge and the latest scientific advances in order to anticipate tomorrow's threats.

This new season has four episodes that will be made available online throughout spring 2023. The episodes alternate between fictional reports that propel the listener 10 years into the future, and interviews conducted by journalist Benoit Tonson. This is the same format that made Season 1 (in French) such a success.

  • Episode 4: Acclimatising diseases?, with Stephan Zientara, veterinary surgeon and virologist, Director of the ANSES- INRAE-Maisons-Alfort Veterinary School joint research unit and Eric Cardinale, veterinary surgeon specialising in microbiology and epidemiology, Deputy Director of the CIRAD-INRAE ASTRE joint research unit.

  • Episode 3: Antibiotic resistance, a silent pandemic, with Jean-Yves Madec, Scientific Director of the ANSES Antimicrobial Resistance Unit, and Claire Harpet, medical anthropologist, research engineer at Lyon 3 University.

  • Episode 2: Stressed, like a fish out of water, with Thierry Morin, head of the fish virology, immunology and ecotoxicology unit at ANSES and Morgane Danian, scientific project manager in immuno-ecotoxicology at the same ANSES unit.

  • Episode 1: Influenza, a virus from the past with a promising future, with Béatrice Grasland, head of the avian and rabbit virology, immunology and parasitology unit at ANSES and Bruno Lina, virologist at the International Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Lyon.

Based on an idea by ANSES, the Zootopique podcast series is created in collaboration with the scientific media outlet The Conversation and produced by Moustic Studio.